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And In This Corner
In this corner, on this side
stands a woman with her family & friends beside,
An all out battle is about to begin
with her fists raised the woman steps in.
The challenge she faces across the ring,
Let the fight begin the doctor sings.
For round one is over, the opponent is known,
with a head start his evil face he has shown.
Now that his mighty secret is out,
She is ready to start the bout.
Oh what a fight it is going to be
She wonders inside "Do I have the strength in me?"
She steps to the center of the ring
The fight begins with a mighty sting.
Her family & friends will watch as she fights
Cheering her on from the side & praying each night.
For God stands beside her every step of the way,
As we look back at this battle someday,
We'll know that His guidance gave her the light.
With Him beside her


Posted 02-16-2008 10:08 PM by Sara
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